Goplus 2400 Watt | Powerful without being clumsy


Don’t worry about abrupt power cuts or generating extra power during camping trips – the Goplus 2400 watt will resolve the issue within a few seconds. It is amazing when it comes to generating power at your convenience.


  • Small form factor
  • High power output


The unit gives 2,400 watts of peak power and 1,700 watts of effective power at 120V that is sufficient to run necessary appliances during power shortages and keeping your loved ones safe when there is a crisis. A single full tank of only 4.5 liters of fuel can last more than 4 hours of run time for a 100% load capacity. However, the run time will vary depending on the load thus having a lighter load extends its run time. The engine features an eco-throttle system that has the capability to auto-adjust its rotational speed so that it only provides the required power consumption for the load.


The device weighs a little over 48 pounds, thus making it quite portable – taking it anywhere won’t be an issue. A built-in carry handle also eases the process.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Quiet operation at 93dBa, so no one will complain about the noise
  • Features a 113cc engine
  • Low fuel consumption but high efficiency
  • Circuit breaker protected outlets shield against circuit overload
  • Prevents overheating via forced air cooling system
  • Status lights on the control panel indicate system status


An instruction booklet is included with the package.

Warranty & Service

The unit comes with a warranty of up to 2 years.


The Goplus 2400 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is reliable, as is proof from the reviews by customers who have used it. The device is easy to operate and practically noiseless, so you don’t have to deal with angry neighbors. It has a highly efficient 113cc 4-stroke engine which is capable of producing 2,400 watts of peak power. If you want to take it anywhere for recreational purposes, it is apt, due to being lightweight and compact, thus making it much easier to transport as compared to open frame generators. Take it along for camping, tailgating, hiking, work on small projects, or keep for home backup – the choice is yours. The simple panel design offers a plug-and- play functionality so that anyone can use.


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